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PTA Committees

5th Grade Continuation

2023-2024 5th Gr. Continuation Chair:

Rebecca Stonebraker

Crossing Guard

2023-2024 Crossing Guard Chairs:

Becca Rehme - Training and Recruitment

Nancy Hardy - Scheduling & Communication

Conference Dinners

2023-2024 Conference Dinners Chair:

Lost & Found

2023-2024 Lost & Found Chair:

Maggie Colosimo

Room Parent

2023-2024 Room Parent Chair:

Alyssa Aberle

Sun Safety

2023-2024 Sun Safety Chair:

Dawn Shippe

Sierra Cruisers

2023-2024 Sierra Cruisers Chair:

Field Day Popsicles

2023-2024 Field Day Popsicles Chair:

Rebecca Stonebraker

Arts Night

2023-2024 Arts Night Chair:

Amber Lawson


2023-2024 Read-a-thon Chair:

Sheryl Doll

Kindergarten Graduation

2023-2024 Kindergarten Graduation Chair:

Milk Caps for Moola

2023-2024 Milk Caps for Moola Chair:

Liz Conover

Staff Appreciation

2023-2024 Staff Appreciation Chair:


2023-2024 Yearbook Chair:

Jenny Logan


2023-2024 Newsletter Chair:

Sabertooth Sprinters

2023-2024 Sabertooth Sprinters Chair:

Emily Andersen

Financial Review

2023-2024 Financial Review Chair:

Emily Andersen

Sierra Cares

2023-2024 Sierra Cares Chair:

Brooke Toothman

Shelly Peterson

Strides for Sierra 5k

2023-2024 Strides for Sierra Chair:

Mary Zimbelman

Reflections Art Competition

2023-2024 Reflections Chair:

Staff Appreciation Brunch

2023-2024 Staff Appreciation Brunch Chair: Kelsey Parker

Science Fair

2023-2024 Science Fair Chair:

Jodie Miller


2023-2024 Advocacy Chair:

Andy Glasgo

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