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Ongoing Fundraisers

Ongoing Fundraisers

In addition to our active fundraisers, these wonderful programs support our PTA all year long.

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Link your Sooper Card to Sierra PTA


Sierra PTA gets a portion of the sales donated back!  It's not a straight forward percentage.  All the spending gets pooled and the higher percentage from Sierra the higher the payout!  It's super easy.  Just follow the link below and link your card!  Takes just a couple of minutes!

Greetings milk drinkers! 

If you are a customer of Longmont Dairy, you can now save your milk caps and send them in to the school with your kids. There is a collection box in the front hall located next to the main office. Thank you to Longmont Dairy for donating cash back to our school for each milk cap collected! What a great way to give back to our local community! 

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