Ongoing Fundraisers

In addition to our active fundraisers throughout the year, these wonderful programs support our PTA.

Box Tops

Sierra Elementary School raises up to $1500.00 a year by collecting BoxTops to purchase educational and office supplies. Thanks to those who contribute BoxTops, the PTA has purchased classroom supplies, teacher’s tools and much more for the benefit of your students.

Just clip the Box Tops from hundreds of participating grocery and household products and send them to school. Each BoxTop coupon is worth $.10 and they add up quickly. 

In order to make it easier for the BoxTops sorting and sending process, we ask that you follow these recommendations for sending in BoxTops: 


  • check the expiration date- expired BoxTops are not reimbursed and must be removed before mailing

  • trim each Box Top (otherwise we pay for the extra weight in postage), but don’t cut/tear off the expiration date or the coupon code in the upper left corner 

  • place the BoxTops in a plastic bag, marked with the teacher's name or the class code only. We use these bags for mailing and we don’t want students’ names on them

  • please avoid pasting or taping the BoxTops to papers, as these often have to be modified and this is more time-consuming when sorting

  • BoxTops may be placed in the marked white tub in the lobby near the office or your student may give them to the teacher

    Twice per year, BoxTops are mailed in to BoxTops 4 Education for reimbursement. It is very helpful if you turn in BoxTops early so that we can avoid throwing out expired BoxTops.

    Each month we will tally the BoxTops and the winning classroom will receive a treat to share among the students. We will always provide an equivalent treat for any students with allergies. 

    We appreciate your help to provide this special funding for Sierra. Thank you!

Amazon Smiles

Did you know that you can support Sierra students simply by shopping? Sign up today for Amazon Smile and a portion of your purchases goes back to your school to help fund worthwhile programs!

How? Simply go to to register and select SIERRA ELEMENTARY PTA as your charity of choice. From that point forward, any purchases you make while logged on to will contribute towards PTA programs.

Greetings milk drinkers! 

If you are a customer of Longmont Dairy, you can now save your milk caps and send them in to the school with your kids. There is a collection box in the front hall located next to the main office. Thank you to Longmont Dairy for donating cash back to our school for each milk cap collected! What a great way to give back to our local community!