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The Sierra PTA needs new board members for the 2023 - 2024 school year!

Positions are flexible, fun, and allow you to make a difference in the lives of the students and staff at Sierra. Learn more about each position here. Then email and let us know you'd like to get involved. 


The Sierra PTA is proud to support all the wonderful students, teachers and staff here at Sierra Elementary. We promote student academics and self-esteem through a variety of programs, including EXCEL classroom grants, Reflections, and many other programs. We work to meet school needs with both volunteer and financial support.  

PTA 2021-2022 School Gift

The PTA had $30,000 to spend towards a school gift. The membership voted on the proposals, and the vote was in favor of funding a $21,000 request for math and science kit curriculum supplements.


The next highest vote was in favor of saving $9,000 for funding a school track. There will be a school track committee formed to explore track options and start the process of working with the district. This $9,000 will be voted on each year to determine if a school track is still in the membership's interest to fund. 


If you have any interest in joining the PTA School Track committee, please email Sheryl Doll at

Upcoming meetings and events


Jeremiah's Italian Ice restaurant night
Inside Freedom Street Social



Next General PTA Meeting
6:00 pm in the Sierra Library 

Click here to join us virtually

Important documents 


What Sierra PTA has achieved over the years wouldn’t be possible without the support of our community. We rely on the support and the generosity of people like you in order to continue giving our students the opportunity to have the best possible education. Join Sierra's PTA today, and consider it a contribution to the world leaders of the future.

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