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Sabertooth Sprint FAQs - Round 2!

Can we make cash or check donations, or do we have to use the Get Movin’ Crew website?

You can absolutely make cash and check donations! Your child’s registration packet included an envelope for keeping track of cash and checks. You can turn that into the office anytime up until September 21 and it will count toward your child’s prize earning. We LOVE cash and check donations because we don’t pay any processing fees, so we can keep the entire amount!

We also love the Get Movin’ Crew because it allows us to reach more people - think family and friends who live out of town, or people you don’t see often. We do pay fees to the Get Movin’ Crew for the use of their website and software, as well as for credit card processing. It helps us to keep all of our donation and prize information organized. The Get Movin’ Crew offers online donors an opportunity to cover some of the fees that we pay - so far about 90% of our donors are helping us out by covering a portion of our fees.

How does my child get a t-shirt?

We are providing all Sierra students, whether they raise money or not, with a t-shirt to wear on race day. We want the Sabertooth Sprint to be a community building event as well as a fundraiser, so we felt that it was important for all students to be an equal part of the event.

If you were at the ice cream social, you may have provided to your child’s teacher about his or her t-shirt size. We have also asked teachers for feedback about children in their classes who may need a different t-shirt size than their classmates. Based on that information, and on the sizes available from our printer, we ordered a range of sizes that we hope will allow everyone to have a t-shirt to wear on race day, and when in doubt, we aimed for larger sizes rather than smaller. Please don’t be alarmed if your child ends up with a t-shirt size that is not what you specified. We will have a limited range of certain sizes, and we felt it would be better to have a t-shirt that your child will grow into than one that was too small.

If you register on the Get Movin’ Crew, there is a box for t-shirt size - please disregard that, as the t-shirts have already been ordered.

How can my whole family qualify for prizes?

The Sabertooth Sprint fundraising prizes are mostly experiences rather than items, as feedback from past fundraisers suggested that families would prefer those to toy prizes. For prize levels below $200, students must qualify individually. If your family raises a total of $200 or more, then all siblings can participate in the prize experiences, like the dunk tank session or the Canyon Critters party. However, in order to earn a Chromebook, each individual student would need to meet the $1000 prize level.

We will also award medals to the boy and girl at each grade level who run the most laps, as well as to the class that runs the most laps. However, most prizes are based on fundraising.

What’s up with the banners in front of the school?

We have asked businesses in our community to help support the Sabertooth Sprint, and as always, our community has been very generous! The banners in front of the school represent our business sponsors, who have have contributed funds to our event. A note - we offered our sponsors the opportunity to choose whether to provide their own banner, or to have one printed by the PTA. Some sponsors chose to provide their own, which is why the banners are different sizes and shapes. You’ll also see our sponsors’ logos and other information on the PTA website, the Get Movin’ Crew fundraising site, and our Sabertooth Sprint t-shirts. We truly appreciate all of their support.

If you would like to sponsor the Sabertooth Sprint, it’s not too late! Contact us for sponsorship information. Most banners will remain on display until Field Day.

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