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Sabertooth Sprint FAQs

What is the Sabertooth Sprint?

The Sabertooth Sprint will be the main fundraiser for the Sierra PTA for the 2018-2019 school year. The money we raise will fund the programs that the Sierra PTA provides to support the students, teachers, and faculty of Sierra Elementary. To learn more about PTA programs click here.

How does this all work?

The Sabertooth Sprint will be kicking off August 17th, for the next month (until September 21st) we will be asking students, and their families to raise funds in the form of donations. We are hoping to raise $30,000.00 this year, which would fund the entire PTA budget for one year, this comes out to be about $65.00 per student. You can raise donations through our fundraising website ( or in the form of direct cash/check donations made out to the Sierra PTA. As a fun tie in to our fundraiser, students will be running laps in our first ever Sabertooth Sprint, the top sprinters in each grade will take home a medal.

Who can participate?

While anyone can fund-raise and donate to the Sabertooth Sprint, due to time and logistics, we are only able to accommodate student sprinters on the day of the Sprint. We are hoping to expand this event in the future if our volunteer participation is high and our fundraising goals are met.

What are the dates I need to know?

The Sabertooth Sprint will kick off at the back to school assembly, on August 17th. That day fundraising packets will go home with students. All donations must be turned in no later than September 21st in order for students to qualify for fundraising prizes. September 14th will be the date of the actual Sprint. Students will be going out to the course during the time assigned to their grade to run as many laps as they can! Top finishers in each grade will win a medal.

Why are we having a fun-run this year?

Over the last few years, the PTA has received lots of feedback from parents that they are tired of selling things in order to fund-raise. While we could have just done a fundraising drive, we saw this as chance to give the kids opportunities to build school pride and come together as a community as well as creating a fun healthy activity for them to participate in

. With the help of our awesome administration, we have lots of events planned that make our common goal of raising funds more fun than work! (Who doesn't want to see the principals get slimed, ride giant tricycles, or be made into human ice cream sundaes?)

How did you come to your goal of $30,000.00?

While $30,000.00 might seem like a large goal, this money directly funds programs that support our students and teachers. The PTA provides grants that bring new technologies and supplies to classrooms, things that directly support student learning. PTA often pays for the programs that your children enjoy; last year the PTA supported the Hawk Quest presentation in kindergarten, the author visit from Justin Matott, and the Fabulous Functions of Feet in second grade, as well as many others. In addition to supporting students, the PTA also supports our teachers, with supply grants so that out-of pocket expenses can be reimbursed, as well as many other programs to show our appreciation. For a detailed explanation of our 2018-2019 proposed budget click here. To learn more about the PTA go here

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