100 Mile Club

Everyone can join - students, staff, and parents!
Please join us in this amazing challenge!



We are excited to offer a walking / jogging / running club ALL YEAR LONG! The goal is for you to complete as many laps as you can before the school year is over!  If you accomplish the 100 miles, you will receive a gold medal at the end of the  year!


When can you participate to accumulate laps?​

  • Community races - simply return your race bib to Mrs. Peters with your name and the distance written on it, and I will punch your cards for the appropriate # of laps.

  • We can not accept laps that students do around  their neighborhood or at sports practices - sorry no exceptions!

Questions? Click here to contact Maria Peters

Where do we participate?
  • The park on the north side of the school, the loop equals ¼ of a mile.

The fee is $10 and students will receive the following:

  • 25 miles – T-shirt

  • 50 miles – pencil

  • 75 miles – wrist band

  • 100 miles – gold medal

  • I  will deliver your rewards to your classroom on Fridays and you will get your name announced over the intercom when you  reach 100 miles.

  • There will also be a chart hanging in the cafeteria where your name will be recorded for each milestone (25, 50, 75, and 100).

  • You will also receive a necklace for joining and then charms for every 5 miles you run.

  • Every participant will receive a certificate at the end of the year!  The certificates and medals will be rewarded at a celebration assembly!



Although this club is held throughout the whole year, I will cancel if  there is snow and/or ice on the ground, raining, very windy and/or below freezing.  I watch the forecast the night before and you will receive a messenger by 6:00 p.m. notifying you of the cancellation.


Please make checks payable to Sierra Elementary and turn in the enrollment form and payment by FRIDAY 9/1 in order to be ready for the 1st day - Wednesday 9/6.  If you choose not to join the club right now, you can always sign-up any time throughout the year if you change your mind!  If you are planning on coming the 1st day, please get your form in by 9/1.



Info for adults members:

  • We would love to have you here participating with your child/student - you’d be setting a positive and healthy example for all of the students.  However, we know this may not work with your schedule.  Therefore, you may participate in this club at home and on your own time.

  • You keep track of your own  mileage.

  • When you reach 25, 50, 75, and 100 miles, email me, Maria.Peters@jeffco.k12.co.us and I will send your rewards home with your child!

  • You are NOT allowed to count mileage that you accumulate throughout the day.  It must be mileage that you accumulate by purposefully doing it for exercise above and beyond your daily activities and must be a walk/jog/run.

  • If you do reach 100 miles, than you too will be invited to the awards assembly where you will receive your gold medal - the kids love it!


You may simply add your name and payment to your child’s enrollment form.

I'm looking forward to another successful year!